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About us

GiG is a refreshing Hard Seltzer with 5% Alc. and only 30 Cal. per 100ml. Available in Grapefruit Melody, Lime Rhythm and Berry Beat.

GiG staat voor gedurfd en uniek, we veroordelen niet en denken graag out of the box. We willen dat iedereen zichzelf laat zien zoals ze zijn. GiG is voor iedereen, op elk moment en in elke situatie. The world is your stage. What’s your GiG?

The new era of drinks

Hard Seltzer has taken North America by storm over the past few years. With a category growth of over 570% in 2019, we can confidently say this sparkling Seltzerwater with a bit of alcohol and a hint of fruit is well underway to become the most popular drink in the world for the new generation. Therefore, we have decided to finally introduce a real Hard Seltzer in the Netherlands: GiG is here! GiG is here!

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